The BitSummit Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the 10th Bitsummit X-Roads will be held over the two days of Business Day and General Public Day, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and to ensure that the excitement of the indie game scene that we have built together does not end here.
Bitsummit X-Roads, the 10th Bitsummit, will be held over two days, including a Business Day and a General Public Day.

***To international guests ***

As of June 22, there are numerous restrictions governing entry into Japan from other countries. You must complete all necessary visa application procedures before purchasing tickets to the event, and it is your responsibility to complete any additional applications and forms necessary to enter Japan.

About General Admission Day Ticket

2,000 JPY with tax

High school student (Under 18 years old):
1,000 JPY with tax

Children (Under 12 years old):
Free of charge

Available only August 7th

※Upon your purchase, you will be linked to Event Regist site where you will be required of membership registration. Credit card is required.

※Online Tickets will be available from June 24th to August 5th 23:59 (JST).

General Admission Day

Last year we were not open to the general public, but happy to open
BitSummit to the general attendees on the General Admission day this
year. In the past these days have always been a great opportunity for
developers to engage with the gaming community and we hope to
revitalize this aspect of BitSummit again this year.


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※This ticket not Available for Business (B2B) Day on August 6th

About Business Day Ticket

Advance Ticket:
10,000 JPY with tax

Admission days:
Available August 6th and 7th

※Upon your purchase, you will be linked to Event Regist site where you will be required of membership registration. Credit card is required.

※Tickets can be purchased from the following sales sites.

※Online Tickets will be available from June 24th to August 4th 23:59 (JST).

Business Day

On the Business (B2B) Day of the event, only developers, publishers,
and the media will be allowed to enter.
We hope to provide welcoming place for everyone to gather and
strengthen their PR and B2B connections.


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※Due to the very limited number of tickets, we reserve us the right to make sure only game related industry professionals are allowed to buy tickets. Thank you for your understanding.

Guideline for entrance

・At the entrance, we kindly ask you to measure your temprature, and also register to ‘Kyoto Ward Anshin New Coronavairus Tracking App
・We may not permitt your entrance to this venue, for those who may be feeling sick, or who is suspected of being infected.
※Please see “”Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection””

・Alcoholic beverages or drinks in bottles or cans are prohibited in the venue.

・Those found with items prohibited by law will be handed over to police.

・Please be sure to wear a non-woven mask correctly in the venue.

・You will be given a wristband at the time of entry.
・You may re-enter the venue with the wristband anytime during the operationg hours.
・In case your wristband was removed, you will not be able to re-enter.
・We will check the wristband at the time of re-entry. In case you do have it, you may be asked to pay the entrance fee again.

Guidelines to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection

Entrance not permitted
Those who will not be permitted to enter the venue
・Those who have symptoms such as fever of 37.5°C or higher, cough, diarrhea, taste disorder, olfactory disorder, etc.
・Those who have tested positive for the new coronavirus or are currently instructed by a doctor to stay at home
・Those who have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for the new coronavirus infection
・Those who’s family member living together or close contact are suspected of being infected by the new coronavirus
・Those who have traveled to a country or region that requires entry restrictions or observation period after entry by the government within 14 days, or who have close contact with residents of the country or region

Temperature Measurement
・Please refrain from cooming, if you are not feeling well on the day
・Temperature checks will be conducted upon entry.
・All the members who were in the same car with anyone with body temperature of 37.5°C or higher will not be permitted to entry..
・You will also be asked to leave, once identified that you may be showing the symtoms after the entry.

Wearing Masks and Ensuring Social Distancing
・Please make sure to wear a non-woven mask correctly anytime in the venue.
・Please refrain from having conversation without a mask, or or shouting.
・Please take extra care to maintain distance from others, Especially in places where customers gather, such as near the event stage.

Hand washing, gargling, disinfection
・Please wash your hands frequently, disinfect and gargle frequently
・Please bring your own portable disinfectant solution and disinfect your hands regularly

Instructions from the staff
・In order to prevent the infection, our staff may take other measures or give instructions.
・Please make sure to follow the instructions from our staff. If you do not comply, you may be asked to leave.
・Please note that the ticket fee will not be refunded.

Above guidelines will be updated if necessary.
Please be sure to read the final guidelines before attending the event.
We will take all possible measures to prevent infection, but we would also like to ask all visitors to cooperate in order to prevent infection and be considerate of other customers.