If you purchase a “Business Day Ticket”, you will be able to register for “Meet to Match” from the Management Office, and you will be able to have business discussions with BitSummit exhibitors.

BitSummit uses a tool called “Meet to Match” (“M2M”).
It is intended for developers, publishers, and those with business purposes who wish to have business meetings with the media. As a place where indie games gather both domestically and internationally, the event is designed to strengthen PR and B to B with the media, and to enable exhibitors to communicate with each other and to connect to business matching and PR.

Advantages of Using the Business Matching System

①Contacts can be made with BitSummit attendees.

We encourage all BitSummit attendees to register with M2M.
You can communicate with them via email, live chat, social media, and phone, so please communicate with them and match them up.
*Attendees must be exhibitors as well as those who have purchased business tickets.

②Business meetings with sponsor companies, exhibiting developers, media and other representatives.

You can use the business matching system to make contact with companies and representatives you are interested in.
There is also a business meeting space in the basement of the venue. It is possible to reserve a space in the business meeting space and conduct business talks or interviews on the day of the event.

③Online business meetings are also available.

If you cannot make it to the venue, you can make a reservation for business meetings through the Business Matching System,
(You will need to prepare your own online tools.)

*Please check the venue MAP on the day of the event for the business meeting space in the basement.

Registration Flow

Step 1
Purchase advance business tickets
*Please note that the business matching system cannot be used for the purchase of tickets sold on the day of the event.

Step 2
The BitSummit Management Office will send an e-mail to the e-mail address registered at the time of ticket purchase, informing you of the “Meet to Match” registration information. (Sent sequentially from the beginning of July 2024)

Step 3
Register by entering your information in the “Meet to Match” registration form provided in the e-mail.

Step 4
You will receive an invitation from MeetToMatch to register in the system.
(It will take a few days to receive the information, so please register as soon as possible.)

Step 5
Enter the business matching system by following the instructions you received.

*Please register for M2M as soon as possible after July.(It takes several days and you may not receive an email by the day of the event.)

*The sales period is from May 1 (Wed.) 10:00 to June 30 (Sun.) 23:59.

1.Mutual agreement is required for appointments to be made. Please note that appointments may not be made.
2.Please prepare for business meetings and necessary interpretation by yourself.