What is BitSummit Game Tournament?

The BitSummit Game Tournament is a 32-man battle featuring the Nintendo Switch action fighting game "Battle Sports Meku~ru" which just became available for download on the Nintendo eShop (¥980 +tax) May 18th, 2017 (Th).
A field of 16 famous game creators will face off against 16 BitSummit attendees. For the final match, two famous creators will go head-to-head against two attendees!
The person crowned as the winner will receive honor, glory, and a wonderful prize!

Attendees who come to the event hall on Sunday, May 21st will draw for a chance to enter the tournament. Will YOU be the one who takes home the top prize?

*Participants will be asked to sign a "Performance Release Form" upon selection. We appreciate your understanding.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes! We are located at the entrance of the event venue. Please purchase your ticket from the reception desk on the day of the event. If you buy the ticket at the event (available for both days), they are 2,000 yen for general admission, 1,000 yen for junior/high school students, and elementary students and younger are free.

How much space does each developer get?

Details on the amount of space each developer gets will be announced closer to the date.

Can I project my game on the wall or create a spectacle in my booth?

No. While portions of every game we receive footage of is edited into the official BitSummit trailer (displayed at the event, on Youtube, etc.) all manner of presentation, projection, overt display space and beyond is reserved for sponsors only. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us ( and we will provide you with sponsorship information.

Can I share my space with another developer?

Unfortunately we cannot allow you to share your space with other developers. We appreciate the desire for indies to work together, but since all games at BitSummit this year will be curated, it is unfair to those whose games were not selected for us to allow developers to bring other developers along with them. There are also logistical concerns that arise when trying to accommodate more than one developer at a table.

Can I choose my location on the event floor?

Unfortunately no. BitSummit is a huge event run by a largely volunteer staff, and such requests are too difficult to accommodate. We are designing the layout to ensure everyone has a good seat and isn’t marginalized.

Can we sell our games or merchandise at BitSummit?

You are welcome to sell or give away (for free) items that fit on your table or in your space, but BitSummit takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. Developers are responsible for the storage of any and all items before, during and after the event. BitSummit does not provide support for any commerce.

What should I bring to BitSummit?

Company branding, game branding, flyers with info, swag, explanations on how to play your game in japanese and english. Don’t bring materials that will cause a problem for other developers around you, such as large banners.

Will there be internet access?

Due to the difficulty and cost of providing reliable internet access for the expected number of developers, we’ve elected to not have BitSummit sponsored internet access. Please be sure that your games can be run without a net connection.

Will there be translators present to help speak with the media?

Yes. Generally speaking, since there will be many more developers than media, we will assign our translation staff to foreign media, and have them accompany each media outlet to each developer’s area. This is the most efficient way to utilize our volunteer resources, but if you have a special need for translation assistance, we’ll

work with you on a case by case basis.

Does my game have to be localized into English/Japanese?
No, certainly not. However, it would of course be helpful if you had some translated materials prepared for the media in multiple languages. If you are interested in having some materials translated, let us know and we will put you in contact with localization resources.

Will we be able to meet with and talk to sponsors?

Yes, our sponsors will be in attendance throughout the event. We’ll also be hosting a private party for developers and sponsors. We’re sure you’ll discover a lot of helpful technologies, services, and inspiration from meeting with them.

What other opportunities are available to developers who attend BitSummit?

Many opportunities are available to BitSummit attendees, the details of which will be announced closer to the date.

I’m a publisher looking to meet with other developers. Can I attend BitSummit?

Publishers interested in attending BitSummit have a couple of options. Our preferred option for publishers if for them to become official sponsors. Sponsorship gives you booth space on the show floor, gives you access to developer contact information, an invite to our developer mixer, and a host of other benefits. It also shows your commitment to BitSummit and the indie games scene! For more information about sponsorship, please contact us at Publishers are also welcome to join the show as regular attendees.

I’m a member of the media and would like to attend BitSummit. How do I register?

Members of the media should contact us at to register. Please include details about your media outlet, how many people will be attending, and links to your website and content.


I’m not a Japanese developer. Can I still submit my games to BitSummit?

While BitSummit is open to all indie developers, we have a limited amount of space. The purpose of the show is to showcase Japanese indies, so the selection committee will give more weight to those developers in order to make sure we represent that community. That said, BitSummit is an international event, and if space allows we welcome other developers from Asia and around the world to apply and bring an international spirit of collaboration and sharing to the event.

When is the deadline for registration?

The registration deadline is not yet fixed.

When will I know if I have a space?

The submission deadline is not yet fixed; as the deadline is not fixed, we currently do not have an answer for when you will know. The deadline, and subsequently the notification timeline will be announced at a later date.

Does it cost anything to attend BitSummit?

If you are an independent game developer it does not cost anything to submit your game to BitSummit. If your game is selected to appear at the show, there will be a yet-to-be-decided fee to help pay for t-shirts, and food for the volunteer staff and developers. This is an indie event for indie developers and we want to make it as accessible as possible for you. On the public days, however, a ticket must be purchased by each non-developer attendee for a yet-to-be-decided fee.

How do you select games/companies for participation?

Games will be selected by a judging committee based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:
L・evel of completion

What sort of games can we show?

As BitSummit is open to the public (all ages) we do not allow games of an explicitly adult nature (equivalent of CERO Z). As long as your game does not fall into this category, it should be fine to display. If you have any questions, please contact us with samples and description of your game.

I’m making a game that uses assets from IP I don’t own. Can I show it at BitSummit?

To respect IP holders, we can’t allow games that make use of assets owned by other entities (i.e. sprites, code, etc.).