'The Devil Within: Satgat' is a 2.5D action-adventure platformer that follows the journey of Kim Rip, a Royal Guard who is slowly becoming devilized. Dig into the secrets of a ruined world while taking down enemies in stylish action sequences.

With the mysterious arrival of the black stone tower known as the Ebon Sting, the once peaceful world was changed forever. The Crimson Oil emitting from the tower initially brought prosperity to the lands, but after some time, sightings of demons were reported and more than half of the population displayed abnormal effects. The remaining populace, realizing that the Ebon Sting was the source of the aberrations, looked to General Hong Sang and Royal Guard Kim Rip as they set out to destroy the heart of the Ebon Sting.


[Search For Hope In A World Of Despair]

The world has been destroyed and most of the population have become devilized, wandering from place to place. Play as the Royal Guard Kim Rip as he seeks to unlock the secrets of the Ebon Sting and cleanse the world of its' decay.



[Fight Fierce Battles]

It's up to you to eliminate the demons that now roam the world. Fight powerful enemies with the use of swordsmanship and shooting skills that you upgrade throughout your journey. Save this ruined world by growing stronger and learning a myriad of advanced offensive, defensive and mobility skills.



[Accept the Power Of Devils]

As you progress throughout the game, a dark truth becomes clear: the best way to kill devils is by becoming one yourself. With every Arch Devil that you extinguish, that dark power transfers to you. Journey further into the unknown lands to discover clues to help you control your body as it becomes increasingly devilized.



[Discover the Secrets Of A Dark World]

The mysterious black tower known as the Ebon Sting has changed everything. Explore a mysterious world full of secret locations and powerful artifacts. Be careful with what you find - some secrets may come with fatal consequences.



[Vast Interconnected World]

Explore an intricately connected world with diverse locations including ruined cities, rocky mountains, dense forests, military bases, and more. As you venture through these areas, some paths may be blocked until you've become strong enough to move forward. Take down ferocious enemies to make it through this world alive. Explore each area thoroughly to unlock upgrades and abilities to make you more powerful for the challenges ahead.




1. A mysterious story - an Apocalyptic world with twisted time and space

2. A sensuous graphic style that fuses Eastern and Western beauty

3. Stylish action system such as Hyper concentration / Wire shift / Automatic shield

4. Demon drive system - demon transformations with superhuman physical ability




The main character, Rip Kim, fought with other warriors to eliminate the Black Wedge, the cause of the sudden change of the peaceful world, but failed due to unfortunate betrayal.

He started to dig into the secrets of a ruined world while taking down enemies with a vengeance.




The Devil Within: Satgat invites players to venture deep into the vast interconnected maps. From decaying urban sewers to frigid mountains and dense forests, every area is an opportunity to uncover secrets, get upgrades, and defeat bosses. Players can learn amazing skills and use special weapons obtained from evil spirits. As players progress throughout the levels, a more ominous story emerges.


- Journey through an interconnected world as a fierce warrior on a mission to save a decaying world.

- Explore action-packed levels to find clues that uncover The Devil Within's dark story.

- Experience beautiful 2.5D graphics throughout the many environments of the game, including ruined cities, mountains, forests, caves, and more.

- Defeat grotesque enemies and formidable bosses with stylish combat.

- Become the ultimate warrior with a variety of weapons and upgrades, including grenade launchers, and advanced jumps and movesets.




Game elements and style inspired from CASTLEVANIA SERIES

Action and combat experience inspired from SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE







AccoladeEvent Name
Xsolla Prime ChoiceG-STAR 2022
Prize WinnerGYAAR Indie Game Contest 2023
PlayStation's PickGyeonggi Game Audition 2023
1st PrizeGyeonggi Game Audition 2023