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Middle Earth, where people live, was a peaceful world. But that peace was not eternal.
The sightings of unfamiliar monsters from various places and the information of
damage caused by it were gathering. You are one of the warriors who went on a journey to find out the cause of the disaster and to solve it.

■Easy operations that move with swipe and attack with tap.

■Many unique monsters!
More than 20 different epic monsters are waiting for you.
Epic monsters each have a different weak point and can be destroyed.
Of course!, you can cut a tail of epic monster too.

■ Automatically generate the infinite kind of equipment!
The types of equipment are weapons, helm, armor, shield.
There are one-handed sword and two-handed sword as kinds of weapons, and it is necessary to confront enemies with different strategies.
All equipment is automatically generated by combining with innumerable magic effect, the same equipment will not appear as two.

■Vast field map, and dangerous nine dungeons
In the vast field there are five villages and nine dungeons.
There are encounters with various people in the village and you can collect information, shopping and quests.
Each dungeons are made unique and it is not enough to clear with just your strength.
You can not proceed any further unless you use your item or solve puzzles.

■Although it draws with polygons, somewhere retro voxel art world
The world in which everything is drawn with a cube seemingly is a retro impression somewhat nostalgic.
But you will be forget about it when you start to play,because the world is depicted smoothly and precisely.

■A sad and magnificent story about Fairy Stones
A evil footstep creeping into a peaceful and beautiful earth "Middle Earth".
Can you find out the cause of this disturbance and regain peace to this place?

■An element for after game completion
Random generation dungeon "infinite prison" added as an element for after game completion.
It is a dungeon whose shape changes each time it enters.
There are up to 100 basement levels.
Here you can get more powerful equipment than those available in Middle Earth.
Equipments to be obtained are random in appearance and strength.
You will be able to play this game as a pure Hack and Slush forever.