Bring the world to life with sound, taste and enjoy the space created by music! A new kind of miniature garden puzzle adventure game!


This is a puzzle adventure game where you bring the world to life with sound and enjoy the space created by the music.


The game takes place in a music box shop in a fantasy world.

The stage is set for the store's main product, a music box that moves with magic and has a miniature world inside.


The music box reflects the world represented by the music playing on it in a miniature world.

The world that is projected depends on the music, and a variety of worlds exist.


By adding sound, the miniature comes to life and transforms from a mere miniature to the real thing.

The miniatures that become real start to move and create a path to the next stage.


The player controls the magical doll Ein as she works her way through the miniature world, aiming to become the world's best music box maker.


Total of 10 stages

Includes customization of music box songs.

Trial version containing stage 1 is now available.


Please enjoy the new experience of a world expressed by music.


A soundtrack album containing the music appearing in the game, which can be used as game material, is also available for purchase.


Made with: Unreal Engine 4

Player: Single player

Average session: About a 5 hour-10 hour

Languages: Japanese

Price: 500 yen (excluding tax)






AccoladeEvent Name
Grand PrizeKCG AWARD 2021