Exhibition fee

Entry fee: ¥ 2,750 per title  
* Examination fee            

Exhibition fee: ¥ 33,000 per booth                           
* Booth exhibition fee 

The entry fee of 2,750 yen will not be refunded regardless of the application results. Submissions close on February 29st, 2024. Late submissions will be accepted until March 8th, 2024 for 5,500 yen.

Payment is due at the time of entry via PayPal or credit card.


Terms of entry and booth exhibition

BitSummit exhibitors can only display games that have been officially accepted into the show. It is impossible to display games that have not been entered or have not yet been judged. Only one game can be entered at a time. Whether you are an individual or an organization, please submit each game separately if you want to enter multiple games. 

* An entry fee of ¥ 2,750 per game will be charged.

Each game selected will have its booth. We can group the games on the show floor if you have multiple games selected. Please remark that you submit multiple games in your submission entry’s “Company Info” section. 

Qualifications for exhibiting

Developers of all different backgrounds and team sizes are encouraged to submit their games to BitSummit! It’s difficult to define what is “indie” or not – we’re more interested in your “indie spirit!” – but we have some loose guidelines for all applicants. Generally speaking, we’re looking for development teams that range in size from 1 to 50 team members, whose company isn’t owned by a parent company. We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but we’re primarily here to help tiny developers get the word out about their games.

Publishers or developers that have self-published or published games that have resulted in revenue of over 250,000 dollars in a 2 year period are encouraged to become sponsors of BitSummit and help support the indie community!

What can be exhibited?

As BitSummit is open to the public (all ages), we do not allow games of an explicitly adult nature (the equivalent of CERO Z). If your game does not fall into this category, it should be fine to display. If you have any questions, please contact us with samples and a description of your game.

To respect original IP holders, we also can’t allow games that use assets owned by other entities (i.e. sprites, code, characters, etc.).

How do you select games/companies for participation?

Games will be selected by a judging committee based on the following factors:

  • You should aim to provide as much information as you have available. Do you have a trailer, demo, or screenshots? Will you have a playable demo by BitSummit? Evidence for this could be previously released games, ambitious and/or responsive team members, a successful Kickstarter campaign, etc.
  • Does the game present a unique, interesting, or thoughtful design or mechanic? Is the aesthetic style compelling? Does the game address a social issue or offer a unique perspective or philosophy on game design? Does your game represent a larger genre in a compelling way or an under-represented genre?
  • Does the team/individual or company provide value to the indie community? Is the game or developer able to contribute positively to the indie community?
  • Is it FUN?

I’m not a Japanese developer. Can I still submit my games to BitSummit?

While BitSummit is open to all indie developers, we have limited space. The purpose of the show is to showcase Japanese indies, so the selection committee will give more weight to those developers to make sure we represent that community. That said, BitSummit is an international event, and if space allows, we welcome other developers from Asia and around the world to apply and bring an international spirit of collaboration and sharing to the event.

If you are a developer living outside of Japan, you will have to provide your travel and accommodation expenses to attend the show.

※When exhibiting in a country/region where Level 3 (travel cancellation recommendation) or higher is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Information, the exhibition application may be rejected.

Do games need to be localized into Japanese?

No, games submitted for judging do not need to be localized. Many of our judges are multi-lingual and will be able to adequately evaluate your submission. However, we do recommend that you have a demo localized in time for the event.

Does my game need to be finished? Can I submit a work-in-progress demo?

Of course! The purpose of BitSummit is to help shine a light on new games. If you’re happy with sharing what you’re working on, we’d be honored to take a look.

Can my game be exhibited at BitSummit multiple times?

Yes! If you’re accepted into BitSummit for one year, it does not preclude you from submitting an updated or full version of the game later. We take the many factors into consideration when choosing to accept a game at multiple shows, including the changes made, the quality, and the timing of the release date.

Can indie publishers submit games to BitSummit?

Indie publishers may submit games through the normal submission process. However, to support a wide variety of games from different developers and publishers, we typically only accept one game per publisher. If you would like to showcase multiple games at BitSummit, please contact us about sponsorship information at contact@bitsummit.org. Becoming a sponsor also shows your commitment to BitSummit and the indie games scene!

Applications for sponsors end on April 31st, 2024.

When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for applications is February 29, 2024.

When will I know if my game has been accepted?

Notification of acceptance will be sent out via email in late May. If we require additional information or materials, you will be contacted directly.

What does BitSummit provide for exhibitors?

All exhibitors accepted into the festival will be provided the following:

  • One 180cm table with a black tablecloth
  • One PC (specs to be determined)
  • One Monitor
  • Headset

Infection Prevention Measures

We are taking all possible measures to prevent infection by a specialized company to ensure the safety of all participants. Safety guidelines will be issued to all participants.

For inquiries, please contact



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9-1, Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8343 (Higashi-oji Higashi-iru, Nijo-dori)