RED HOUSE × Matrix is an indie game circle composed of staff members of Red House Inc. and Matrix Inc. RED HOUSE × Matrix was established in 2022 to develop "ASHES RAIN".

An art studio established by Kiyoshi Arai, who participated in the Final Fantasy series as an artist for many years at the game company Square Enix. RED HOUSE Co., Ltd. is a design company that not only produces concept boards, designs, etc. for games and anime, but also plans and develops original works for games, anime, manga, etc. from an artistic approach.

It has been my theory for a long time that planning can start with art, and through a relationship with Matrix Corporation, which was interested in my idea, I am now working on an indie game. Matrix's development capabilities are well known in the industry, and I am excited to see how the game will turn out when our planning and art are added to it. We are working hard to provide a world view and play experience that is unique to this work.
(Kiyoshi Arai, President and Representative Director)


Matrix Corporation
Matrix Corporation is a game developer founded by Kosuke Ohori, a.k.a. "Urusei Anzu," who was the first person in the world to achieve 10 million points on XEVIOUS and created the best-selling mini-comic magazine "XEVIOUS: The Solution to 10 Million Points. He has developed a wide range of home video game software and smartphone game applications. Known overseas as the developer of Alundra.

『This time, we engaged in the production of an indie game as a joint project with Red House Inc., in the form of club activities by volunteers from both companies. It is a truly wonderful thing to be able to create and publish an original title. Red House Inc. is well-known for its high-quality art production, and such inter-company exchange, bringing together our respective strengths, is an extremely meaningful experience for both the companies and the staff. We definitely want to continue such initiatives in the future.
(Yasuhiro Ohori, President and Representative Director)