Aniplex (ANX) is a diversified entertainment company operating worldwide with focus on planning and production of video and music content, mostly in the anime genre.
Other businesses include planning and development of games, commercial release of physical and digital products, distribution of theater films, broadcast syndication, merchandise licensing, planning, producing, and retail of licensed merchandise, management of directly operated select boutiques and franchised boutiques, and stage productions and live events.
Aniplex' fully-owned subsidiaries include the anime production A-1 Pictures and CloverWorks Inc., mobile game app developer Quatro A, video content production and licensing company Rialto Entertainment Inc., Aniplex of America which leads the animation business outside of Japan in North and South America as well as other Anglophone countries,and Aniplex (Shanghai) providing services for the animation business in China including licensing, commercialization, and IP development, creating solid foundations for the growing international business in addition to key setups in France, germany, and Australia.