Untamed Tactics is a turn-based RPG with a strong narrative focus from the developers of a successful card battle game Untamed Feral Factions. You play as Greycoat, a disgraced soldier on a quest for redemption and freedom from his past life. You will explore the dangerous and beautiful world of the Wilds together with your fierce and diverse animal companions, such as Lynn the Fox and Mortimer the Chameleon. Fight enemies, find friends and make strategic decisions!

Each chapter of the game is a standalone tactical adventure in a vibrant 2D setting that combines a linear story campaign with a procedurally generated world full of beautifully illustrated colorful animals. The story will take your band of refugee adventurers all the way from the shores of Stranglevine Ridge and its imposing Bonefang Clan to the mighty factory-fortress of New Gizmodan.

Customize your party by equipping each hero with unique Runes and Abilities and set out into the Wilds to find new loot, unlock characters, and purchase permanent upgrades for future adventures.


  • Tactical combat

The smart use of abilities and clever positioning will be your key to victory. Manipulate dangerous environment and push your enemies into spike traps or toxic ooze. Leverage the power of shrines and use the surroundings to your advantage!

  • Parley with foes

The Parley feature allows you to interact with enemies in unique ways during combat. Use your deck of Parley cards to unlock special effects that can change the tide of battle. Make them tremble with fear, enrage them so they drop their guard or even make them switch sides!

  • Explore a vibrant world

The bright and colorful hand-drawn 2D graphic is what brings the world of Untamed Tactics to life. Meet many anthropomorphic animal friends and foes.

  • Highly replayable

Explore a wide range of strategies, ability combinations and character builds. The world keeps changing as new battle maps and events bring extra rewards and challenges while streamlined game mechanics let players of different skill jump into the fray!

Join Greycoat in his adventures and meet a diverse cast of colorful animal characters to befriend or to fight against! Help Greycoat regain his honor by confronting his past, defeat the many threats lurking in the Wilds, and earn your place in this strange new world.