Japan, 1568 - Oda Nobunaga's troops march on Kyoto leaving behind a trail of blood in what will be known as the Sengoku Period.

Samurai, warrior monks, outlaws and peasants, caught up in the maelstrom of violence, had no choice but to take up arms and fight, and after every battle, kill or be killed.

At this point, the Shinigami, the God of Death saw his work done for him; men and women delivering the Final Punishment of Death everywhere, yet only a few truly embodied the Slaughter, those whose lust for Vengeance not even hell could kill.

And so the Tournament was born; those souls who died wishing to continue dispensing murder were reunited, and one last chance was granted to them. To win and return to earth once more to continue unleashing the carnage, to become the next Champion of the God of Death.

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Experience the electrifying rush of life-or-death duels in a heartbeat!

Dive into Two Strikes, a casual 2D fighting saga adorned with mesmerizing hand-drawn animations, whisking you away to a fierce epoch in Japan, where every stroke of the blade could spell doom or glory.


Embark on a journey with 7 unique warriors available right now in this Early Access version, each bringing their own combat flair to the table!

Anticipate a full roster of 8 distinctive characters in the final release, further enriching your tactical choices on the battlefield.

Position yourself wisely; every move could be your last.


Dart around to close in or evade assaults, seizing the opportunity when foes are within your weapon's grasp!

Striking decisively is your path to triumph, yet tread carefully as predictable moves are easily thwarted.

Outwit adversaries by masking your intentions, feigning attacks with nimble dashes.

And when victory is within sight, unleash devastating strikes to claim your honor!