『TOYFORMING』 is a planet simulation game to terraform a mini planet by drawing pictures. AI determines what was drawn after you drew a picture on the app. The picture is transformed into 3D, and breathed life on a mini planet that is 60cm in diameter. Clouds are floating in the sky and make rain happen.  Dinosaurs strut on the ground. Make a planet only for you by drawing and locating variety of drawings.

Draw pictures Kids can draw easily using only basic tools like drawing lines and painting. For someone who want drawing seriously, several line widths, zoom in, draft and so on are supported.

AI judges your drawing after you finished to draw. Sometimes you might be surprised as unexpected result.  You might see they have unexpected actions.。

Augmented Reality is a technology to fuse the real and digital worlds. The mini planet that you made seems to be actually floating in front of you by using AR. 

Mini planet The world that TOYs live on is a very small planet that is 60cm in  diameter. They step foot back into the original location even if they try to go far away. Also don't warry they don't fall from the planet but heaven and earth upside down lower part of the planet. 

Variety of objects More than one hundred of objects can be recognized in this game. Each one triggers off unique and playful interactions respectively. You will be having fun as looking drawings moving around lively.

Create a world If you are interested in more creative activity, you can be creator. Making sea, building town, creating ancient world, crafting glamorous city that is lit up. Try to create worlds with you imagination.