Remembering the COVID-19 pandemic... It started in the year 2020. The events that unfolded in a cafe in Tokyo are now a nostalgic memory. Sit back, brew yourself a hot cup of coffee (or tea), and immerse yourself in the stories of the staff and different customers who visited the cafe.



Looking back, what happened in the COVID-19 pandemic might be a nostalgic memory now… The suspense of not knowing how society will change day by day. The cynicism toward an indecisive country. The sense of urgency for action and the fear of catching the virus. Reminisce the pandemic with the fragrance of coffee by your side.



Tokyo Coffee: Grinding in the Pandemic is set in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the owner and barista of a cafe, experience what the COVID-19 pandemic was like in Tokyo. Both the staff and the customers have a lot of concerns about the pandemic. Even the cafe has to follow the COVID-19 guidelines. Despite all of this, there is still some respite brewing delicious coffee. Depending on the coffee you brew, the customers may open their heart to you. Sometimes, you may even have to go against restrictions and secretly open the cafe at night….!



Play as the star barista of the cafe. The coffee-making simulation in this game is for all you coffee-lovers out there. Choose the type of beans, grind them, let it bloom, and extract the flavor. Not to fret if you haven't brewed coffee before. The system is designed to guide you through the brewing process. Enjoy the art of making coffee!



There are various characters from all walks of life representing the different experiences during the pandemic, ranging from an office worker, an athlete, a nurse, a conspirator… We hope that you will get some closure when you meet a character you can empathize with.