Embark on an Epic Saga in a Hand-Drawn Fantasy World

Game Overview:

Dive into a build-driven, classic turn-based RPG crafted with Unreal Engine 5.

Immerse yourself in a beautifully rendered 3D world where stunning hand-drawn art seamlessly blends with rich, intricate environments.

Play as Grey and Aria, a boy and girl who leave their hometown by chance and embark on an exciting adventure.

Travel through the fantasy world, collaborate with your companions in battles using a unique “combo set-up” feature, and step by step unveil the concealed truth that has been lost for almost a millennium.



“Combo” over “Skills”: A New Take on Turn-Based Combat:

• The combo set-up is highly customizable. Combine different skills together before battle to create “combos” and build synergies among characters.


• Allocate your action points wisely to exploit enemies’ weak points—or even paralyze them with dazzling combos!

Exquisite Hand-Drawn Fantasy World:

• Traverse a world brought to life with beautiful hand-drawn art. Experience the personalities and emotions of diverse characters through detailed portraits and CGs.



• Explore carefully designed, complex, interconnected dungeons. Climb cliffs or leap off them and uncover hidden treasures at every turn.

A Saga Started by Departure and Betrayal: 

Follow Grey and Aria on a journey to seek the truth behind the crisis and uncover ancient secrets behind the world. 

Start from a small border town and embark on a grand adventure. Meet diverse companions, make fateful choices, and write a story of hope and bonds with your own hand!