Perfect for RTS beginners and veterans alike!

『Tactics Greed』is an action RTS game with deck-building elements.

Master unique tactics combining units and magic to climb the global rankings!



■ Even if you've never played an RTS before! Or even if you've done it all before!

Tactics Greed is a casual deck-building action RTS.

The game features easy controls, simple rules, a short playing time and cute characters so that even people who have never played an RTS before can play with ease.

The combination of deck-building and action RTS offers a new experience for those who have already played RTS games.



■ Build your deck in the dungeon.

Attack dungeons in search of cards.

You can acquire a variety of companions and magic, including 'knights' as shields, 'wizards' as attackers and 'large units' that fire bombs from behind.



■ Challenge the world in the Arena.

Challenge world ranking battles via asynchronous communication.

You can enjoy non-stressful versus battles without any "waiting, cheating, or aggravation".

The action patterns of the rankers are replayed, and heated battles comparable to real-time communication await you.



■ 2-player co-operative and competitive play

The excitement and emotion is even greater when playing with two players.

In co-operative play, advanced players can take control of a commander and novice players can control their fellow units, allowing you to play together with your loved ones.

*Two gamepads are required to play with two players.



■ Easy to play, even with just a mouse.

A little tea time before bed or during a break from work.

You hold a mug in your left hand and a mouse in your right hand.

Tactics Greed is at the end of the monitor.

How about a superb RTS for the best relaxation time?