Ride a skateboard and loosely save the world! 


● The only operation is to move up and down the course!

 Easy to operate with automatic controls for sideways movement and attacks!
"Skateboard Knight" is an easy yet challenging action RPG-style roguelite!


● Defeat a lot of enemies and level up a lot! 

Adventures start from level 0 every time you play!
Get skills as you level up!
Choose your skills and get stronger and stronger!
A simple, intuitive, and addictive adventure begins-----


● Class change at level 20!

Knight evolves into different classes depending on the type of skills acquired by level 20.
Each evolved class has its own powerful unique skills,
additional skills that can be acquired by leveling up.
Different skill sets and classes for each play make for a fresh game experience no matter how many times you play!


● Use the coins you earn from your adventures to develop your country!

Knight training, skill research, and weapon development,
Friends who will follow you on your adventures with you, and so on and so forth,
Let's develop the country and make various permanent enhancements!


● "Skateboard Knight" is recommended when you are in the mood for

> It is a little tiring to play games with a lot of controls.
> But auto-combat and idle games aren't enough.
"I want to play games, but I don't want to play them that seriously."
This is the perfect game for when you are in this mood.


● Supported Platforms

Steam / iOS / Android

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