Rhythm Rabbit is a fast-paced rhythm action game where you automatically move on the beat of the music, but the amount of steps (shown by the number of notes surrounding the rabbit) changes on each move. You will have to quickly decide on which way to go, as the rabbit won't stop moving on the beat. Find the carrot, win the game.

There are 4 themed worlds to hop through, a wide range of enemies and environmental challenges, incredibly challenging boss stages and unlockable skins and soundtracks. The game can be played with a controller, mouse, keyboard or touchscreen and it's even playable without sound.

The game is currently planned for release somewhere halfway 2025. It will first launch on Steam, but is expected to release on every major console as well in the months following it's release on Steam. The game is aimed at all audiences, but has not received any offical ratings yet.

Rhythm Rabbit is the first game by solo developer Mark Walters and a post jam production from the GMTK Game Jam 2022 (Theme: "Roll Of The Dice").