This is a visual novel set in the city at night. The story begins with the meeting of a sleepwalking middle-aged man who wanders the streets and a girl who plays a handheld game console by herself. The game that appears in the story is a retro-style adventure game. They are actually playable as "in-game games". As you progress through the "in-game" game, the real-world changes.


How to play

The main part is in a simple visual novel format. Click the mouse to read the text.

"In-game games" part, you can point and click on command lists and event visuals to advance the story.



  • Play a retro adventure game with a user-friendly game system
  • Heartwarming communication with a mysterious girl
  • A life story for male users who have been playing the game since the 1980s (or had been playing the game in the 1980s)


Trial version

Unfortunately, the build I submitted to utomik did not start on the utomik server!
Therefore, the trial version will be downloaded and distributed via

After decompressing the zip file (about 120MB), double-click "RetroGameAliens_trial_BitSummitGaiden.exe" to start the application.

Click here for the "Retro Game Aliens" page on







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Sponsor AwardTyrano Game Fes 2019