Reality Break is a fast-paced ARPG with many interlocking systems and an opt-in roguelite structure, all of which is modifiable via a new Rewrite mechanic that allows you to alter the fundamental nature of the gameplay for unparalleled build customization. Take on the role of a mercenary who unwittingly becomes imbued with the power to alter reality, and finds themselves thrown into a chaotic maelstrom where other sinister and malevolent forces attempt to stop them at every turn in an evolving storyline. But can you really stop those who know what you are going to do before you even know it yourself?


In Reality Break, almost everything is modifiable with the Rewrite mechanic. Upgrade and change the attributes of your equipment, unlock mythical abilities, and change the course of the future. The possibilities are endless!

Found a powerful item that’s too big to equip on your ship? Alter its existence into something that fits! Feeling pressed for time on a mission with a ticking timer? Double the time you have left! Maybe you wish that a rare item was actually an epic? Upgrade it to an epic item... or better! Think a mission is too easy for you? Alter the difficulty and give yourself a challenge along with better rewards! A multitude of things can be altered, but such power always comes with a cost. Will you successfully balance your current needs against future benefits?


Resetting your timeline will cause a ripple effect across many elements of the game, often in surprising and subtle ways. Each time you reset, you will gain Reality Points which can be allocated to talents that majorly alter reality itself, applying those changes to both current and future pilots via a metagame talent system.

Unlocking talents always makes a big difference in the gameplay. Some talents include: expert challenges that test your skills in exchange for additional rewards, activation of ultra-powerful Fate Affixes that will sometimes appear on random loot, preservation of a favored item that you would like to bring with you to the next timeline, and even preventing the dropping of low-quality loot completely. With each new timeline, you’ll discover new elements and features to change your experience in Reality Break.


Play through multiple timelines, upgrade your ship, and discover fantastical powers for your pilot. Use the Analysis system in real-time to unlock Discoveries for your items! Come back to the game the next day or the next week to discover just how powerful your loot has gotten. If it's taking too long, Rewrite the Analysis system itself to speed it up!

Through the Codex, obtain powerful Set Bonuses by looting specific groups of item types. Then, upgrade the Codex to scale its bonuses based on the rarity of the loot you find, and even Rewrite it so you can activate more than a single Set Bonus at a time! Buy ship upgrades from the Tech Specialist, including slots for brand new types of equipment, such as deadly Drones that grant unique bonuses. Your ship can only fit so many upgrades, so choose wisely... or grow strong enough to Rewrite those limitations out of existence!


Altering the fabric of reality itself is no trivial power. It will not go unnoticed. You may get away with it for some time, but as your capabilities increase, so too will the threats you awaken! With each timeline, you unlock new shocking secrets, change the outcome of previous scenarios and reveal new ways of looking at the universe.

Throughout your journey, you will discover how exactly you obtained the power to change reality, what your purpose with this power is, who really benefits from this power, and how it will affect you in the end. You are, for better or worse, never alone. Forces swirl around you, and the more you use your powers, the more noticed you will be. Can you uncover the truth before reality itself shatters into pieces? Just how far are you willing to go to make reality your own?






AccoladeEvent Name
Official SelectionAesthetica Short Film Festival
Indie Award FinalistThe Game Development World Championship 2023 Winter Season