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Will be Released in summer 2024


Rainbow Sea is a multi-ending adventure with pixel-art style based on the myth of the traditional Japanese gods — Seven Lucky Gods. It depicts a year in the life of “Human," who was chosen as a candidate for god, and the Seven Lucky Gods, who do not seem to open up much to her. You — the Human explores inside a treasure ship and make choices to change the storyline. All twenty two endings are true endings, and only you, the player, will know the authentic story.


Move around the treasure ship and trigger events by talking to gods and examining objects on the ship. Events begin when certain conditions are met, such as the level of affection from the gods, the weather, and the time of day. In the events, you can make choices to change the story.
In the game, every second of reality passes as a minute, and you can be active from 6:00 to 24:00. Note that if you are not eating or sleeping enough, you will fall asleep in less time than that.
One year later, on New Year's Day, you will have a final ending, depending on the events you have seen and your choices.
It takes roughly two hours to play a round of the game.


You wake up in an unfamiliar storeroom with nothing but the sound of waves. As you are trying to figure out why you are here, you are spoken to by yourself in a mirror. The mirror tells you to tell a lie and it disappears.
When you leave the storeroom, you meet people who call themselves the Seven Lucky Gods. According to one of them, Daikoku, you are “Human" who was chosen to become a god. Most of them do not seem to welcome your sudden appearance.
When the treasure ship returns to the human world in a year, will you become a god who can be one of the gods on the ship, will you return to your original world as a human, or will you … ?
A bittersweet year with the Seven Lucky Gods begins.






AccoladeEvent Name
Selected for the second editioniGi indie Game incubator