Welcome to the world of RabbitConquest!

[ World ]

A world where rabbits rule in place of humans. The story of the adventures of the labyrinth experts, the labyrinth appraisers.

[ Overview ]

A turn-based RPG with dungeon exploration, moving freely through 3D cities and labyrinths, with a low difficulty level that even RPG beginners can experience up to the ending, as well as challenging missions after the game is cleared.

[ Time to Clear ]

It takes about 4 hours to reach the ending, and about 10 hours to play all contents.

[ Features ]

The game's design and system are based on monochrome, with strong influences from RPGs and fantasy games of the 80s and 90s, and includes many elements that will make you grin if you are a seasoned adventurer (game user).

While seasoned adventurers will be able to understand the game's rules relatively quickly, young players will find the system a bit old-fashioned, cumbersome, and wasteful. However, the rules are just right for experiencing the fun of role-playing, and we hope you will have fun and suffer through them!

Good luck to all adventurers!

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