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Compatibility diagnosis game machine that can be played by two people. The touch panel is handmade hardware. The first generation started in the winter of 2016, and it is currently performing the exhibition and improvement of the fourth generation produced in the winter of 2018.
The fourth generation features a special touch panel (controller) with LEDs and a display that shows the camera image during play. A new "hard-mode" has been implemented in the 2019 SUMMER version released in May 2019.

How to play is easy, just keep touching 4 panels for 30 seconds with each two hands of two people at the same time! Game scores are printed on receipts so you can take them home to commemorate playing! Let's strike out a high score in a good friend combination!
So far, it has been exhibited at various events in Japan such as "Maker Faire Tokyo", "Maker Faire Kyoto", "Makers Bazaar Osaka", "Ogaki Mini Maker Faire" and "NT Kyoto". Players will enjoy the fun of simple games that move their bodies.