A new mobile game about learning etymology


-A tale-

Centuries have passed since the English language was decomposed and lost as a result of an incident.

The world was ruled by a monster that evolved from the "root" of the former English words. You, the last human who woke up, set out on a journey to discover the origin of language with the root monster in tow.


-What is a root? -

Words have evolved and diverged like living organisms, but the root is the core of the language. For example, spect is a word root that means "to see," but it lurks in English words like inspect, respect, and perspective. (in is a prefix with the nuance "into," re "again," and per "through"), each of which can be traced back to Latin, Greek, and Indo-European ancestral languages. They are ancient semantic images that remain today, like mitochondria in eukaryotes.

The world's English population is 1.5 billion, but only 380 million people use English as a native language. It is by far the most spoken language as a second language. Etymologia" is based on the theme of "etymology learning," which is the most efficient way to learn English words. Instead of a tasteless alphabetical list of words, English words are grouped together with related images to help you memorize them efficiently.

We are collaborating with Gogengo!, a popular etymology learning site as a database of etymology, and aim to distribute it to the world as a full-fledged edutainment game.