Oddinary Highway is a retrofuturistic shoot’em up with roguelite elements and ever-changing game mechanics. Set out on a dangerous journey through the hyperspace known as the “Oddinary Highway” to face Boss and his robo-mafia.

You’re Bill - a student at the Intergalactic University. And you’ve just found out that your father has lost his beloved kingdom to the robo-mafia at poker. Yep, he is a broken man and the king of the whole Universe.

Jump into the sentient hovercar Caddy Luck and set out on a dangerous journey through the hyperspace known as the “Oddinary Highway”!

The Oddinary Highway is full of the Weirdonium matter, which leaks to the reality through the breaches left by the hyperspace travelers.

Every level comes with a new random weirdonium leak which affects the gameplay in a major way, keep an eye on it!

But are you ready to overcome this dangerous journey and face Boss and his robo-mafia? Sure you are! After all Caddy Luck has plenty of guns and items to help Bill in the fight with the various habitants of crazy worlds.


  • Weirdonuim leaks - gameplay modifiers that randomly change from level to level
  • Tons of weapons: machine guns, rocket launchers, laser miniguns, you name it
  • Secondary items that switch up after each use
  • Worlds with unique visual styles, enemies and mechanics
  • Tons of upgrades for everything
  • Local co-op for 2 players with unique Weirdonium leaks
  • Daily and Weekly runs with leaderboards for highscores competition