Cute cats galore! Challenge yourself in a 3-match puzzle!

In "Night at the Meowseum," the night shift guard, Misurino, engages in battles with thieves targeting the Meowseum. Take on thrilling puzzle battles, defeat the thieves, and retrieve the stolen artifacts!
You'll also meet a mysterious girl named Aika, who uses her magic to restore the exhibits. But the story doesn't end there, as even more mysterious developments await! As you explore the Meowseum at night, you'll encounter various characters and sometimes gain useful information through conversations. The battle system with enemies is a turn-based falling block puzzle game! With charming, storybook-like visuals and a unique 2.5D style, the delightful antics of anime-like characters will immerse players in a world full of adorable cats. Explore the Meowseum, interact with characters, and enjoy a memorable adventure in a world filled with cats!

"Night at the Meowseum" is free to play on Android and iOS devices. Future updates will include new episodes, hidden exhibit rooms, unreleased artifacts, and even more features to experience! If you dislike ads, you can make in-app purchases to enjoy the game without them!

Game system

Players take on the role of a security guard cat in the "Cat Kingdom". You'll patrol the Meowseum at night, fight against thieves cats, and solve the various incidents that occur.

Exploration Part
Thief gangs are constantly breaking into the Meowseum in real-time. If left unattended, they will steal artifacts and cause various mischiefs. Players must use surveillance monitors and patrol the various galleries of the Meowseum to find and repel the thieves hiding throughout the premises.

Battle Part
The thieves carry fragments of the stolen artifacts with them, and by battling them, you can gradually recover these fragments. Collecting these fragments is necessary to progress the story. The battle system in this game is a turn-based 3-match puzzle.

Story Part
By recovering and repairing the artifacts stolen by the thieves, the story progresses, new artifacts rooms are unlocked, and the playfield expands. You'll meet reliable companions, various guests, numerous enemy characters, and artifacts that come to life with magical powers. The unique and cute characters enrich the story through the main and sub-scenarios. Some cutscenes feature hand-drawn animations by Alunite, enhancing the charming and whimsical world even further.

Target users

The design is suitable for casual gamers of a wide age range. We particularly target the kids and seniors segments as our core audience. Among them, we focus on those who love cute cat characters as the target for character merchandising.