Neversong is coming to Japan!
A unique puzzle-action adventure woven into a hauntingly dreamlike fable.
Take on the role of Peet and venture through a bizarrely mirrored world comprising vibrant and
colorful landscape on one side, and somber yet horrifying scenery on the other – a world
that embodies the sorrowful and exquisitely deep narrative. Peet must use both
mental and physical skills to solve the mystery behind the story, in which he encounters
a vast and eclectic gallery of characters offering myriad unlockables to be discovered.

Features and USPs:
● Eye-catching art style and character design illustrated utilizing a unique pairing of
darkness and cuteness, featuring monster designs inspired by Gorey and Kenn.
● Classic game mechanics inspired by old school adventure games such as
The Legend of Zelda, each level translated with unrivaled passion for detail into
a riveting 2D side-scroller.
● Powerful and captivating soundtrack composed by the creator himself,
heavily influenced by Debussy’s “Claire de Lune” and Chopin.



Game Information
• Official Title:Neversong
• Publisher (Japan):Beep
• Developer/Publisher:Atmos Games、Serenity Forge
• Platform:PC
• Genre:Side-scrolling puzzle action adventure (horror-like)
• Age Rating:B (CERO)
• Player:1
• Language:English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified/traditional)
• Release Date:2020/9 (TBC)






AccoladeEvent Name
2018 Gamer's VoiceSXSW
PAX 2017 SelectionIndie Mega Booth
Best Action/AdventureDreamhack