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Noctuary is a dual-protagonist visual novel mixed with fast paced heck & slash isometric combat. Players can play the role of the duo, Fancia Dream and Alina Nightsong, who lives in a society of Illuminators (a world has no skylight but creatures light themselves).

With splendid anime-style 2d art and fantasy BGMs, Noctuary creates a world where Illuminators help each other and sustain its society in a peaceful life, but the duo starts to find all this illusions are someone's dream, where they have to suicide to return real life. In reality, the dark tide (symbolism of absurdness) is swallowing everything and Illuminator's society is about to extinct......

-Symbolism: Noctuary's Chinese name "梦灯花", implies three concept of the whole game: dream, light, and flowers. They are contained in many aspects of the story. Names of characters, places, game systems...
-Reverse: Noctuary tells a story of dream in a dream. Players will be shocked by a plot reverse in midgame at around 15-hours playtime, and face the reality in rest of 15 hours with cruel destiny.

-Touching music: With more than 90 unique BGMs, each scenario has its own matching sound immersion. For example, the main theme is played across each tab of menu with various instrument.
-Elaborate tiny designs: Noctuary has some tricks on in-game details. We have crystalball in menu implying the future story, a prophet who comes out time-to-time to remind players...
-Consistent design: Noctuary keeps consistency in and out. Like time is an important intention in game, when the story proceeds to night, elements like BGMs, interfaces will change correspondingly

Character Design
-Convincing backgrounds: In the ideation phase, each character has her unique background story, belief tendency and even MBTI results. Players can find a society with vivid personalities.
-Splendid character art: Characters' weapons, outfits and ornaments are all elaborated based on their likes and interests, with high quality 2d anime style art.
-Intertwined relations: Through protagonists' adventure, they will uncover how characters' stories are intertwined with each other. With side quests, fight blessings and hidden hints implying thier relations behind.

-Fast pace hack and slash: The combat pace is similar to Hades, where players have to react with 100% attention and switch characters from time to time.
-Various fighting styles: Noctuary's combat can switch characters between the duo all the time. While Alina Nightsong's fight style is more straightforward and intense with three styles, Fancia Dream needs more wisdom and tactics. Players need to improvise from time to time.
-Well-Arranged boss fights: More than 20 fights with various immersive boss fights, to show the personality of different enemies.