This is a puzzle adventure inspired by an elevator.

The story begins when five men and women get into an old elevator, and the next moment after they think they feel a roar and a shock, each character finds themselves waking up in a mysterious elevator. Suddenly, a mysterious male voice calling himself "Mr. Elevator" leads the players to fearlessly press a switch that opens the door.

The world is a jaggy, shadowless, color-constricted world reminiscent of retro video games of yesteryear, and the perspective is distorted as the player progresses through the strange rooms. Each room has its own puzzle to be solved by pressing items on the floor or switches on the walls. Throughout the entire game, "sound" is the key to solving many of the puzzles.

The characters have each heard slightly different rumors about a mysterious old elevator and the "elevator man" who wanders around in search of it, and gradually they realize that they are the ones who are involved, and while being puzzled by the world in front of them, which they cannot tell whether it is a dream or reality, they touch the fragments of the truth of the situation The story is a story of a man and a woman, each of whom is a different person.

What kind of truth will the player find when he or she solves the mystery to the end?

When you finish the game and get into the elevator in the real world, you will surely remember your experience in this game!