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“ Monsters are born everyday, 365 days a year! ”


◆Fun Points

・Enjoy creating your original monster with intuitive controls!

・Win the castle-building card battles with your beloved original monsters!

・Enjoy watching original monsters created by someone around the world!


◆Uniqueness of the Game

・It’s fun to create your original monsters!

You can customize the face, the body, eyes, arms, legs, tails, wings and even horns!

Enjoy the unlimited combinations of parts with variety in thickness, length, and color!

・You can enjoy castle building battles with your original monsters!

Experience fun battles with your own monsters, which you can set  the performance and skills by yourself!

Building castles during battles is also an unique aspect of this game!


◆Connect with Players in the World

・You can play with friends and players from all over the world.

You can enjoy showing the original monsters and fighting each other with friends.

・The monsters created by other players can also visit your home screen.

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