What is "Metal Dogs"?

This game is a top-down 3D roguelike action game with a fighting "dog" as the main character.

You can enjoy the exhilaration of shooting various weapons such as machine guns, cannons, and missiles and kicking off countless monsters, and the battle with the mighty "WANTED" with simple operations.


Game features

A wide variety of weapons

Weapons in three categories: machine guns, cannons, and SE (special weapons) are the main weapons.

  • Machine gun: Low power, but excellent rate of fire and reload speed.
  • Cannon: Powerful, but with a small number of bullets and a slow reload speed.
  • SE: Special weapons such as missiles. Range attack is possible.

Weapons can be freely assigned to 3 slots, so it is possible to customize according to each play style, such as "attack power specialized type equipped with cannons in all slots".


Changing dungeons

The terrain and treasure chests change each time you play the dungeon.

Therefore, even if you play the same map many times, you can have a different experience each time.


Item collection element

Equipment such as weapons and armor will be randomly given additional effects.

There are various types of additional effects such as "damage value increase" and "bullet count increase".

In addition, equipment has rarity, and the higher the rarity, the more additional effects will be given.

The so-called "hack and slash" element of hunting monsters in search of better equipment is also an attraction of this work.


Post-Apocalypse World View

The stage is Japan after most of humanity has died due to "great destruction". The base is a village at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which has been devastated.

The hero "Pochi" who was revived by the mysterious old scientist "Dr. Minchi" will search for the hero who left himself and will adventure in a dangerous dungeon infested with ferocious monsters.


Horrible "WANTED"

Among the monsters, the ones with high risk are called "WANTED", and a large amount of prize money is applied.

Formidable opponents such as the giant tank "Rommel Ghost", which is the death of God, and the rhino "Cruise Saigon", which is armored with strong armor and missiles, stand in the way.


Cute dog

The player can operate three cute "dogs".

Shiba Inu "Pochi", Doberman "Bell", Bulldog "Bonanza".

Popular voice actor Hiro Shimono is in charge of the voices of the dogs. It plays three voices brilliantly.