It is a jump action game that brings "me" that changes its state by including onigiri in the mouth to the power spot "Cat's Statue" on each stage that is a little difficult.

When onigiri is included in the mouth, it changes to the "onigiri state", and it changes to the "normal state" by biting and swallowing the rice ball included in the mouth.

You can shoot shots and change "everyone" to onigiri in the "normal state", but the shot does not shoot in the "onigiri state". In addition, in the “normal state”, if you touch “everyone”, you will be making a mistake, but in the “onigiri state” you can get along without getting a mistake.
In this game world, it is important to switch between these two different states depending on the situation.

What is the purpose of "I" going forward while bearing pain many times many times ...?
What is the meaning of the message that "cat" tells ...?
The (true) ending may have the answer.




RedArea R-12