Lucky Tower Ultimate is a humor-driven, narrative roguelike following the attempts of the narcissistic, clumsy knight Von Wanst to escape a mysterious tower. On each of the tower’s floors, you'll need to decide between three doors that reveal deadly traps, monsters, or even other prisoners to join his escape party.

Everything and everyone reacts to the way you treat them, thus shaping your adventure for better or worse. Selfishly slash your way down and use your companions to your advantage, or safely reach the ground together as a team.

Fueled by sassy, slapstick humor and hand-drawn graphics, each run should feel like an immersive cartoon.

  • Up for grabs - good for stabs! From broccoli to dead enemies, everything in the game can be picked up and used as a weapon.
  • There's tons of characters in the adventure alphabet! Randomly generated levels and haircuts keep every playthrough fresh.
  • Friends turn to foes if you step on their toes. All characters react to the way you treat them - what goes around comes around. Join forces with companions you meet, or abuse their trust.
  • Looks like a cartoon, feels like a joke. A hero that makes dying fun. Hand-drawn 2D graphics.
  • Kickin’ times for smashing punchlines. Voice acting for all dialogues make for an immersive world.