Are all your expressions "real"?

The content of a person's words can be both truthful or false.

Similarly, a person's facial expressions can be either genuine or fake.

In this new psychological crime mystery game you will unveil "lies" through emotions!


・Analyze facial expressions and use the vital "emotions" discovered as clues to find the truth!


You will also be introduced to a variety of topics alongside the main story including the psychology of human expression, lies and real techniques used by criminal investigators.

Will playing this game truly allow you to detected lies in real life?!


■Game play


Analysis or Deduction? Each choice you make impacts the outcome.

You can play as Patrick Truth, a "lie catcher" who uses gestures, voice and facial expressions to detect deception!


1. Interrogation Mode


There are 2 ways to interrogate your suspects. Solve the case in a way that suits your style!


[Detective Focus style]

Leave the facial expression analysis to Patrick so that you can focus on determining the authenticity of given testimonies.


[Facial Expression Analysis style]

Play an active role in facial expression analysis and Patrick will provide clues for determining the authenticity of given testimonies.


2. Liar Mode

"A lie to expose the lie". When you suspect a given testimony you can test a suspect's reaction using by telling them  provocative lies!

The suspect's reactions and facial expressions...will provide clues when deducing!!!


3. Super Deduction Mode

Finally, resolve the case on "Deduction Mode"! First decipher the real order of events with reasoning.

Then...deduce each individual element of the case and expose the Real Culprit!!!



PC(Steam,BOOTH,DMM GAMES) version [Japanese / English] is Now on sale.

NintendoSwitch version [Japanese / English] will be release.


-For creators-

Now, our circle is looking for translators and localization groups.

Translation target is "English or Japanese → Chinese" of this game, Please contact us.