You are a former soldier turned back-alley fixer, tasked with protecting a girl who possesses the power to endanger the city. With your military-grade combat prosthetic 'War Hand', the auto-targeting 'Quantum Knife', and your weapon of choice, eliminate enemies and safeguard the girl. Stand against the plan of your fallen comrade and crush his corrupted will. You are faster and stronger than any beast.


It's time to engage in the fastest and most intense battles

  • Use your steel fist, 'War Hand', to obliterate obstacles and enemies blocking your path.
  • The auto-targeting 'Quantum Knife' is a secret military weapon only you can wield. Be strategic in choosing your position when facing enemies.
  • With the steel fist 'War Hand', the auto-throwing dagger 'Quantum Knife', and firearms, your attacks are flawless. Unleash all your attacks at the right moments.


Collect bolts to upgrade your equipment and unlock powerful actions

  • Swiftly and stylishly dispatch enemies to earn more bolts.
  • Gather bolts to upgrade your gear and acquire new firearms.


Listen to the mysterious girl's voice

  • Discover the stories of the characters through comic-style cutscenes and pixel art. What is the truth behind the girl's wish to find her father? What are the intentions of the government agent hiding behind sunglasses?






AccoladeEvent Name
The Grand PrizeIndieGO 2024
Indie ShowcaseG-Star 2024
participation awardBIGS 2021