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"Kill The la."

What is KILLA?

KILLA is an adventure mystery storytelling game that deals with supernatural tales featuring multiple endings.

The protagonist, Valhalla, embarks on a journey to uncover the culprit behind the murder of her mentor, who was like family to her.

Her quest leads her to an unknown island,

where your decisions have a

direct impact

on her story.

The Culprit Lies Within.

Interact with a diverse range of suspects to uncover the truth.

You've arrived on the mysterious island in search of the one who murdered your mentor.

However, this island isn't inhabited solely by you—there are other "participants."

Gathered on the island, each participant possesses their own "purpose" in pursuit of wishes granted by the island.

Their sole commonality? Their names all end with "LA." Yes, undoubtedly among them is the "culprit" who took your mentor's life.

As you gradually untangle their "objectives" intertwined with your mentor's "death" and the mentor's "secrets."

You become the protagonist of , Valhalla, as you investigate the truth behind the incident.

You have the opportunity to uncover the hidden secrets of the enigmatic island, "Isle of Eps."

Are you prepared to solve the gruesome murder case and unravel the mysteries of the peculiar island?

The Enigmatic Island of Wishes and Mysterious Invitations

The island of wishes harbors breathtaking landscapes reminiscent of a storybook. Despite its peaceful appearance, the island hosts secretive "Tea party" gatherings. Rumor has it that peculiar rituals granting wishes take place here.

A secretive place accessible only to the chosen ones who've received the "invitation." What is the true cost of a wish?

Explore the mystical island and unlock its secrets. Reach the ultimate "truth."

Delve into Illusions and Deduce

Uncover your opponent's subconscious to identify their "weaknesses."

Probe into what they intended to conceal, their hidden aspects, and synthesize your unique deduction.

Persistently deduce within your dreams to find the culprit and seek revenge.

The beautiful conclusion lies within the truth you shape.





Lastly, a piece of advice for you:Even if they have a flawless alibi,Even if they carry a sorrowful secret,Even if they sacrifice themselves for you,Do not trust them.

Remember, your goal is "revenge."






AccoladeEvent Name
Award Winner2nd GYAAR Indie Game Contest
3rd prize winnerIndie Craft Chalenger
Burning Beaver of the Year Award2023 Burning Beaver