It takes a hundred days for a vine leaf to complete its life cycle: from spring to autumn, the leaves thrive and provide the fundamental energy to grow the grapes. Hundred Days will put you in charge of managing a small and abandoned winery: from selecting the types of vine you want to grow, to naming your final product, every decision of the challenging business of winemaking will be in your hands. Take care of your vineyard, learn to follow the rhythm of the seasons, harvest, label your bottles and sell them on the market: every choice you make will have an impact on the quality and quantity of the wine you produce and sell. Increase the reputation of your company worldwide, expand your business and manage the tight schedule of your daily tasks. Each turn will represent a day in your new life: once your business is up and running, attention to details will be key to succeeding in your endeavours. In fact, as opposed to classical tycoon games, in Hundred Days you’ll make progress by constantly improving every aspect of your venture, honing your skills to perfection and meticulously planning the required activities: rather than mechanising the production, care and craftsmanship will be your guiding pillars. This is a winemaking simulator that will make you aware of the struggles endured by real-life winemakers, while rewarding you with the pleasures and secrets of a millenary tradition.