Showdown in Hotel Barcelona!
Evil serial killers from all over the US have been gathered up in a luxurious hotel that sits just outside of Pittsburgh, on the border of Pennsylvania and West Virginia...

Justine is a novice federal marshal who has an insane serial killer named Dr. Carnival living inside of her. Will she be able to exterminate all the evil serial killers and escape from this cursed hotel?! Find out in this 2.5D slasher film parody action game!

Fight with past versions of yourselves!
Even if your enemies' furious attacks manage to kill you once, you can't give up there.
Every time you die and start the mission over again, you'll gain another past version of yourself...
These illusions, otherwise known as Slasher Phantoms, will replicate what you did on your past runs -- but they also have the ability to deal damage and act as decoys, allowing you to work together with your past selves to complete mission after insane mission!


The more blood you bathe in, the stronger you get!
As you cut your way through enemies and bathe in their blood, your abilities will get stronger...but the blood will dry up over time, so you need to keep attacking. Keep an eye on the skull gauge at the bottom of the screen: once your bloodbath reaches its zenith, you'll be able to activate a powerful "Carnival Awakening" super attack!


Beefy boss battles scattered across seven different locations!
Within the grounds of Hotel Barcelona lie 7 different locations, each one inspired by a different horror movie...and the serial killers hiding in them won't go down without a fight! You'll need to analyze their unique characteristics and make use of every ability you've got in order to exterminate these vile fiends!