You live, die, and lose everything, yet the world still goes on

Horizon is an RPG following a single person who, through many reincarnations and different lives, steers the course of the history of the world.

In this world, where all culture and history had been lost, people spent their lives in fear, only trying to survive one more day without being killed by monsters or illness. Your mission is to experience many different lives in order to create a new culture and history.

The world

“When people die, their souls are led to Heaven’s gates. Beyond the gates, they will find happiness.”

The player’s soul, unable to reach the gates, is bound to an eternal cycle of death and rebirth, reincarnating from one life to the next. Their goal is to rebuild the world from its ruins and eventually create a bridge that will lead them to Heaven.

The game

  • Choose
       You find yourself in a devastated and cruel world, but you can choose how to live in it. You could journey as an adventurer or become a researcher to advance science. You could also choose to just lay down and do nothing, waiting to see what happens. Every life changes the world in its own way.
  •  Travel
       You can explore the world and its beautiful pixel-art vistas as you wish. Traveling through uncharted lands, you may even one day complete a map of the whole world—unless you starve or get killed by a monster in the attempt.
  • Survive
       At first, there will be no society or technology to speak of. You will need to hunt animals and cook what you find just in order to survive. Cutting down trees to get wood will be just as important, as it will allow you to start fires and create buildings that can shield you from the weather.
  • Slay
    Terrible monsters roam through the world, holding society back from making furhter advancements. You will have to forge and temper weapons in order to destroy these fiends.
  • Improve
       You could spend your whole life mastering a single skill. For example, you could draw paintings for years on end, becoming a great artist and making this your contribution to the world.
  • Collaborate
       Certain weights are too heavy for a single person to lift, but nothing is impossible when people collaborate with each other. Obtain the trust of your peers and you could create incredible marvels such as a railroad connecting the whole world together.