You Are A Fairy Who Loves Carrots.

Let's go on an adventure today in search of carrots.


Your adventure takes place in a share house where nine girls live.

But for some reason, they hate you very much.

They will surely attack you with a gun when they find you.


You, the little you, hide yourself in the cracks of desks, under beds, and sometimes in very dirty places to find all the carrots without them finding you.


This is a stealth action exploration game starring the "little hater".


Game Features

The World As Seen By A Little Hater

You Are Very Small Compared to the Humans.

Furniture such as desks and bookshelves, and small objects such as books and computers are the perfect size for you to hide from the humans.

You will search for your favorite carrot while hiding in objects that are commonplace to humans.


Simple Yet Versatile Actions

You Are A Fairy With Very High Physical Ability.

You can run around the house using double jumps, wall running, cliff catching, and more.


Implementation Of the Hint Function

We have implemented a hint function to help you find the carrot.

You can search all over the house for the carrot with no hints, or you can rely on hints to find the carrot.