Eximius is a Strategic Action Shooter (FPS/RTS Hybrid) that combines tactical squad-based combat(FPS) with high level strategic decision-making of a Real-time Strategy(RTS). The game features a competitive 5v5 team battles where players square off in a post apocalyptic urban environment.

Play either as a Commander (RTS) or an Officer (FPS). Commanders can build base, train an army and call down support abilities to help your allies on the ground to win the objectives. Officers! Lead your infantry squad into combat and crush your enemies with your tactics or brute force. Capture resources for your team, upgrade weapons and equip Battlesuits suitable for your combat role.


Seamless Transition

As a Commander, you are also an Officer. However, you have the extra capability to switch to top down RTS interface to build bases and command units. An aggressive Commander can also join the battle in the frontline but they are normally expected to stay in relative safety and manage base development. Commander needs to be nominated by the team.


Base Building

As the gameplay of Eximius revolves around Team vs Team battles, each team shares a base, resources and technology tree. RTS Commander support the battle operations by training infantry units, vehicles, building bases and call in airstrikes or support abilities.


Tactical Battles

Decide your combat roles and purchase weapons suitable to your play style and tactics. Your weapon and equipment determine your roles in the team. Respond to enemy strategy with appropriate firepower and equipment; be it vehicles, massive amount of infantry or sneaky players.


Unlock Technologies

As your resources and technology grow, you can construct increasingly powerful units such as armored vehicles and elite soldiers. Your team can also gain powerful team abilities when you tech up to new tiers. Call down artillery, deploy quick-response force or launch EMP strikes.



The pinnacle of each team’s firepower is the legendary Battlesuit. Equipping Battlesuits makes the Officers stronger and allowing them to use powerful abilities to control the frontline better. Officers will have access to several Battlesuits, each with their own play style and set of abilities.


Early Access

Eximius is currently available on Steam Early Access. We started this project many years ago and it started to take proper form from the year 2017 onward. We chose to release it on Steam Early Access first to build a community around this FPS/RTS hybrid genre that is not prominent compared to other genres. We release new features and contents periodically based on feedback from our community and what we think are needed to make Eximius a fun and successful game.


We hope that you enjoyed Eximius. What you seen so far is just a slice of what we have planned and created. So feel free to let us know what you would like to see in Eximius in the future as well as comments on how to improve the game.


Thank You!






AccoladeEvent Name
Best Strategy GameTencent GWB Game Awards 2019
Finalist in Best TechnologyLEVELUP KL SEA Game Awards 2018
FinalistIndie Prize USA 2017
WinnerNvidia EDGE 2017
SelectedSquare Enix Collective 2017