Jigsaw Puzzle + Arithmetic

This is a puzzle game that combines jigsaw puzzles with arithmetic operations, such as adding or subtracting by 1. Your goal is to arrange the puzzle pieces provided with arithmetic operations to match the target number for each stage.


  • Timeless puzzles without time limits
  • Gameplay involving manipulating numbers
  • Puzzle-solving by combining puzzle pieces
  • High replayability with scoring elements
  • Creative solving approaches for each player

How to Play

Connect the power piece to the goal piece. The goal piece will have a specified number. Clear the stage by arranging the pieces so that the arithmetic result matches the specified number.

The pieces available for placement are on the left side. After placing the pieces, press the power button to activate the circuit. The arithmetic operation will begin.

Casual-looking yet engaging puzzles

By combining the pieces and manipulating the numbers, you can earn scores. Each stage has countless ways to solve, allowing players to unleash their creativity.

Furthermore, there are various score conditions to achieve, and players are free to choose them. You can freely combine "piece placement," "number manipulation," and "score selection." Delve into the puzzles carefully to aim for a high score.

Example score conditions:

  • Earn points based on the number of connected pieces.
  • Score bonus for forming a square with the pieces.
  • Bonus for achieving a plus-minus-zero result.






AccoladeEvent Name
Award WinnersGYAAR Studio Indie Game Contest