Welcome to dungeon in the basement of a board game board!
This is a new type of battle game set in a cute diorama world. Control your knight to beat your rivals to the boss before they do!

  • Dig
    The most unique action a knight can do is to dig the board. This will allow the knight to proceed to the underground world where the boss awaits. But beware of the ceiling... The opposing knight may be planning to step on it.

  • Combat
    There are monsters in the basement as well as opposing knights. The monster has a valuable resource "VOX" that makes new knights. Read the moves and hunt before your opponent can get to you!

  • Create
    There are many different types of knights. For example, a spear knight can attack through two squares, and Drill knight can be dug in hard ground and create shortcuts. It's important for the victory to decide which knight to make with the "VOX" you've got.

Ultimately, this game is like shogi or chess. Our goal is to become a communication tool through games. Not only do you enjoy playing against people from all over the world online, but you can also The game can be played daily by two people close to each other, such as parents and children, friends and lovers. And we are keenly developing the "Diorama Knight" so that people can play it continuously as a common hobby.

(Translation: dr. DeepL)


Scheduled for release in 2023.




AccoladeEvent Name
Best Game Programming AwardGolden Dolphin "Create the Future" Game Development Contest of 2018 (11th Session) Xiamen International Animation Festival
Best Innovation - FinalistTaipei Game Show 2020 - Indie Game Award
Special AwardKyoto eSports Game Awards