You play as a delinquent schoolgirl freshly liberated after half a year behind bars. Now the densely-populated metropolis of Swinster City lies sprawling before you. Fight for justice and become the city's savior, or join the criminal underworld and declare war on law and order.




You've been a bad girl. Now it's time to become even worse.

After being released from a juvenile detainment facility, you set out on a dangerous mission to avenge your brother's murder. Your journey will see you making valuable allies and powerful enemies, exploring a decaying urban jungle ruled by gangs that all want you dead, and customizing your skills and equipment to become the ultimate force of vengeance—all while uncovering a vast conspiracy that could alter the course of the city's future.



Explosive Combat

Play as a badass schoolgirl able to hold her own against hordes of violent foes. Based on an enhanced version of the celebrated combat engine from The Vagrant, fights in Detained: Too Good for School are fast-paced, hard-hitting, and intensely satisfying. More than ninety upgradeable skills and an armory of weapons to collect will give you the edge needed to leave the streets littered with the bodies of those who stand in your way.


A Dynamic Storyline

Experience an immersive story with multiple branching paths that allow you to choose your own destiny. Overcome challenges however you see fit, but know that your actions will have lasting consequences on the world around you. Will you fight for the downtrodden and restore order to the crumbling Swinster City, or join the villains and claw your way to the top of a criminal empire? Over a dozen different endings await you!


Incredible Gameplay Variety

Explore a richly-detailed open world entirely at your own pace. Meet a multitude of eccentric characters who trigger side quests offering unique rewards. Get a part-time job and earn extra cash to blow on a shopping spree or spend at the host club. Ride the bus to the gym for a workout, take classes at school to unlock new perks, or fight your way up the rankings in the underground arena. No two in-game days ever need to be the same.


A Fully Interactive World

Control a day/night cycle that takes the city from bustling mornings to a pulse-pounding nightlife scene. Personalize your home with a diverse assortment of interactable objects.

Craft your own weapons and accessories from materials, then customize their attributes with collectable stickers and mod parts. Recruit NPCs to help you take on challenging Raid Stages—or ignore your enemies and assault pedestrians! (Just be ready for the police to get involved if you cause too much mayhem.)


Deep Relationships System

Take a break from your rampage to find love. Eight romanceable characters (both male and female) await your affections. Spend quality time together, go on hot dates, and level up your relationship to view exclusive story scenes. Some partners will even join you in combat. After all, couples that slay together stay together.