3D battle action and roguelite are fused together!

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The battle cyborgs are destined to continue fighting in a closed experimental facility built to create the strongest armored soldiers. Can you be one of them and survive?

■Game Features

At first glance, this game may look like a fighting game, but it is not.
We call it "Roguelite 3D Battle Action".

The cyborg's armor is divided into six parts: head, body, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg. The player must continue to fight as his arms are torn off and the skeleton of his legs are exposed.
Experience the pleasure of destroying the enemy's parts and the harshness of being torn to pieces at the same time.

The route is randomly generated each time you play.
Survive this harsh environment by deciding which way to go along the branching paths, enhancing your parts and skills at each location, and preparing for the floor bosses at the end of the route.

The route map has the following "Rooms".

  • Battle Room: battle with various cyborgs. Powerful elites and rivals may appear.
  • Shop Room: You can use "tokens" earned from battles to upgrade and strengthen new parts.
  • Repair Room: Repair damaged parts and attach passive skill chips obtained along the way to the brain.
  • Event Room: This is a room where you can interact with the gate robot and get something in exchange for something. You don't know what it will ask for until you visit.

The cyborg is defeated when its head or torso is wrecked. The dismembered parts are then discarded in the junkyard, but the brain capsule is recovered and reused as the next cyborg.
You can then purchase "objects" with the points you have earned according to your previous results.
With the "objects" you have acquired, you can make your "MyRoom" more comfortable, unlock various effects, and then try again to fight in a new battle.


In the not-too-distant future, an experimental facility was created by a military company to secretly research "combat cyborgs that can continue their missions even if injured by combining an optimized cultured brain and humanoid combat machinery.
The cyborgs, trapped in this highly automated, inorganic experimental space, are forced to battle ceaselessly to obtain battle data on a daily basis...

Can you, as a lone combat cyborg, win your way through this grueling facility and get out of this hell!