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ChronoArk is a party-based deck-building roguelike single player RPG game about rescuing the world from chaos.

Recruit, train, and build a team of unique investigators throughout the abandoned land and restore the Twisted World!



Party-styled, card-based battles

Recruit up to 4 party members and synergize each card you have to win the battle!

All skills and perks will appear as cards during the battle.

It is up to you to customize your own characters!

RogueLite RPG

Unlike classic RPGs, everything you gain will reset when your party is eliminated.

However, you will discover more options as you play through the game.


A long time ago, the world was covered in the Black Fog and mankind evacuated to the Ark.

There is only one way to restore the world: collecting the Time Shades scattered around the Twisted Land and running the Clock Tower.

The world will return to its peaceful days if the Clock Tower starts to tick again…


‘Lucy’ ends up opening her eyes on the Twisted Land beneath the Ark.

Only thing she can remember is a mysterious message to operate the Clock Tower…

You will set up your Investigation Team with Lucy on a journey to gather the Time Shades.

Roguelike replays

20 collegues, numerous skill cards and items, relics, Lucy's unique skills, events, and bosses with patterns of their own.

Discover the Twisted Land, and complete your battle strategy!