Chicken Police: Into the HIVE! is a character-driven, story-rich, film-noir detective adventure in which you must uncover a complex, world-scale conspiracy by gathering clues, interrogating suspects, and solving puzzles.

Sonny and Marty, the Wilderness's toughest detectives, are about to embark on the biggest case of their lives, which will take them through the insect underworld and force them to face the darkest reaches of their past.

The Wilderness is collapsing! Riots, dubious schemes, political corruption, and mass psychosis! Sonny and Marty, the two famous rooster detectives, must investigate a case that leads them to the Hive, a walled ghetto of insects.

Amidst a mound of misery and oppression, they stumble upon a worldwide conspiracy as they struggle with their own demons. The question is: will they manage to remain 'human' in the end? Or will they have to go WILD to set the world straight again?


  • Meet more than 30 fully dubbed characters
  • Explore the city and its 35+ locations freely
  • Collect clues, analyze evidence, and interrogate suspects
  • Solve problems in different ways, often with different consequences
  • Focus on the main mission or lose yourself in a sea of side quests
  • Play the story over and over again to discover all its hidden secrets
  • Bring some color to the mean streets of Clawville with Technicolour mode! If noir is not your thing, paint the town yellow... and every other colour!
  • Prove you’re the hardest cock in the Wilderness!

The soul of the game is the characters that bring it to life. There are over 30 deeply fleshed-out characters to talk to, all of them handcrafted and 100% voice-acted. The Wilderness is a world with a history that goes back thousands of years and is full of fascinating facts and mysteries. Explore the city of Clawville and with it the colorful cultures, traditions, desires, and fears of its anthropomorphic inhabitants.

In Clawville you go wherever you want. Alongside the main story, explore a myriad of side quests, pathways, and opportunities, solve problems in different ways, and play the adventure over and over again to unravel every last thread and secret.

You're in for a story that will affect the fate of a whole city, even the whole world, and yet it's also very real and 'human'. Murder, betrayal, conspiracy, loss, friendship, and even love await you in this dramatic and absurd adventure.






AccoladeEvent Name
2023 Official FinalistIndie X
Official SelectionGuerrilla Collective