Carsh is a battle royale game where you drive a car and play a puzzle game at the same time.

Enjoy the most heated battles you have ever experienced.


Let's do a puzzle!

If you connect balls of the same color by tracing them, you can make them disappear.

However, the balls are affected by the movement of the car, so if the car is driven erratically, the balls will also bounce around. This can be used to your advantage.


Let's use items!

You can get new items by erasing balls. You can jump, climb to high places, and attack opponents. Depending on how you use the items, you can get around in a variety of ways.


Let's drive the car!

Just doing puzzles is not enough to win in this game. Drive your car and pick up and collect the balls on the ground. You can also replenish the balls by destroying various objects on the field.


Let's survive!

The field turns into a bottomless abyss over time. If you fall into the hole, the game is over. Survive to the end and win.


At Bitsummit, you can enjoy a 2- or 3-player multiplayer and a single-player experience with a BOT.