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What kind of anima I will be depends on you.

The story of a girl who is changing from a human to a "KEMONO" and watching her coming of age.
Would you like to live with a girl who grows beast ears, a tail, and gradually transforms into a "KEMONO"...?
This is a multi-ending "adventure game about training an Animalized girl" set in a KEMOMIMI x Hong Kong x cyberpunk world.

The fragile and pure illustrations are animated vividly in Live2D.
A variety of facial expressions, gestures, and direction color your communication with the girl and weave a story like an animation.

Once upon a time, a mysterious race of people emerged, changing from humans to animal. Those with ears and tails were called "Half-ANIMA", and those who took on the full animal form were called "ANIMA"...

You have taken in a girl who is not related to you by blood.
The girl was showing signs of "Animalization", a transformation into the form of a animal.

Anima is a minority in this world in which the ears of a beast appear, a tail grows, and the whole body is covered with fur.

You are studying Anima, and as the girl's guardian, you will watch her grow up for a year.

Which will you choose, the KEMONO girl, the KEMOMIMI girl, or the human girl?
You are free to choose to further Animalization through drug administration, to halt its progression, or even to surgically rewind it.

Will you raise the girl to be what you want her to be? Will you make her become what she wants to be? Or...?

I'm the only one who looks different from everyone else...
Some of my friends said I was pretty... but...
I didn't become this way because I wanted to...
Why am I an "Anima"...?

A girl who was once an ordinary human being is suddenly transformed into the form of a KEMONO by the sudden onset of Animalization.
Animalization is a very rare condition in this world.
The girl who has become one of the few "Anima" in the world is looked at strangely by people and becomes a special minority, and this disturbs her.
What kind of help can you offer to the girl who is confused and distressed by the change, who feels as if she has lost her place in everyday life?
And how will the girl respond to your actions?
The future is in your hands.


Players will spend a year with the girl, wavering between "exemplary guardian", "mad scientist who can't control his curiosity" and "adult who leads the girl to unknown possibilities".
Will the end result be "an ideal KEMONO" or "a happy future for the girl"?
This is a game of nurturing and adventure that will test your "desire" and "reason".
This is not a novel game where you enjoy a single story, but an adventure game where you are responsible for the choices you make, the results you get, and the whole picture you see through repeated playthroughs.

・Genre:Adventure game about training an Animalized girl
・Supported Platforms:PC(Steam)
・Steam Store Page:
・Planning / Development:PANDRI-DON

Development by PANDRI-DON
Illustration Artist Aiam iam
Director & Game Design / World Concept / Story Mar (a.k.a KUNINAGA)
"KEMONO" Concept / Live2D / Story Zakurosuke
Theme Music DÉ DÉ MOUSE
Dialogue by Kotori Koiwai

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2024 4th Quarter