RPGDungeon Crawler


Create an AI, and conquer the dungeon!

Algolemeth is a dungeon RPG where you send a golem equipped with battle logic (AI) into a labyrinth, and it automatically explores and conquers the dungeon.

Challenge the dungeon with trial and error!

As a player, you become an alchemist, crafting autonomous golems, forming a party, and automatically conquering the dungeon. Once you've sent your golems into the dungeon, all you can do is watch. Analyze the enemy's actions, repeat trial and error, and aim to conquer the dungeon!

Collect parts and strengthen your golems!

Inside the labyrinth, you can acquire various enhancement parts. These include ones that directly boost the physical abilities of your golem, and others (modules) that allow you to construct new behavioral logic. Use the parts you've collected to create your own unique golem!

Not just battles, exploration is fully automated as well!

By utilizing an exploration AI, players can control exploratory actions within the dungeon. Who to assign to unlock treasure chests, whether to continue exploring given the current health status, or whether to retreat... The actions of your party depend on the AI that you've created.