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A Guidebook of Babel is a plot adventure game with butterfly effect at the core. After death, you will soon realize you've boarded the Babel...and while this may feel like the twilight zone, you will be given a pen to rewrite the past so future events can unfold. As a place of transition, we care less about your final destination since it's the journey that matters, right?

Let's get acquainted first...

[Crew announcement] You are now onboard Babel, a giant cruise tasked with leading you to the afterlife. Take this guide with you to help navigate your new surroundings. But first, in order to properly welcome you onboard, the crew will first discharge your memories and power up the Giant Boiler to prepare for departure!


You will need to know how it works in order to complete the Guidebook adventure log:

    • Butterfly Effect

This is an unusual journey, but you'll be able to piece everything together in the end. I hope. While you're at it, you'll realize you can rewind and fast forward to a point in time to rewrite the story. It's entirely up to you to decide

    • Multiple Perspectives

Relax...everyone here is a friend of mine, so sit back and let them tell you their stories. Soon you'll find that their separate perspectives may be intertwined.

    • Unpredictable Outcomes

The consequences of triggering the butterfly effect are utterly unpredictable as even the smallest change could drastically alter the future. With that much power in your hands, who is really telling the story here? You or me?


You may feel like you've landed in Bizarro World, but I assure you'll soon find Babel an extraordinary place to be. I don't mean to brag...but here's what you can expect:

A series of "unfortunate" events
A story-rich adventure that takes off the moment you land on Babel. But the afterlife is not a dull place, you will soon find yourself intertwined in drama and mishaps that requires your full attention.

Comedic art style with an original soundtrack
With a touch of inspired lunacy and nostalgia, you'll be guaranteed an immersively entertaining yet unconventional experience on the Babel.

Choices really matter
An interpretation of butterfly effect where your choices will have a rippling effect on story progression, we're counting on you!

Light-hearted yet deserving reflection
A heart-warming adventure while exploring themes of life, death, family and letting go...